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Thanksgiving Prep

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Here’s a sneak peek of my Thanksgiving shopping game plan.  I wrote down all the things I knew I needed for each specific recipe and then just for in general.  Tomorrow I will cut all my bread into cubes, perhaps make pie dough, Wednesday I’ll make pies, and brine the turkey, and Thursday is turkey D-Day.  I also have to go to work tomorrow, clean the house, and get everything ready for my sisters’ arrival

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On the back of this I wrote all the places I could find each recipe (whether in book or on the internet and the specific site), and on the bottom of the page I wrote all the other foods we were out of.  I shopped at the Commissary tonight and tomorrow I’ll shop at Whole Foods for the turkey and the produce.

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Part time student, full time mama! I'm studying ASL and when I'm not doing that I hang with my tiny human.

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