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5 Months

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5 months! 5 months old! She’s now actually about 5.5 months because I’m a couple weeks late with this post. But, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and things are settling down.  We were at my parents’ house for about a week and a half and the dog came with us. You can imagine all of the packing I had to do! Little G has shown so much growth this month – it’s crazy. She weighs over 15 pounds and she feels so solid when you hold her.

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • The belly laughs – so many belly laughs!
  • She heard the word Buzz for the first time and laughed hysterically. Just remembering that moment of us saying buzz, buzz, buzz and her laughing her butt off makes me smile.
  • She smiles all the time. Constantly.
  • On our trip she must have met 50 people. Some for the first time, some for the second or third. She smiled at every single one of them. She made them all feel special. She makes everyone feel like they are special by smiling and cooing at them. What a trip!
  • She has put on so much weight this month. She feels so solid! And she’s got chunky little legs now. But, she CLEARLY doesn’t need so much of my milk anymore because she’s pooping almost every day. For the first time in her LIFE! I don’t know what to do with all this crapola – I’m not set up for constant poops! I’ll be getting some more wet bags and covers ASAP.
  • Rolling over. So much rolling over! Once, and then again. Now you can’t put her on her back without her popping over immediately. It makes changing her diaper very interesting!
  • She is trying to get up on her knees now. I can only imagine how quickly she will crawl from there. The beginning of the end, my friends!! I am definitely not excited about baby proofing.
  • Her hair is all the way down now. Excuse me while I sob! It’s down way past her shoulders, too.
  • She loves her dog. She loves chickens. She loves being outside.
  • Poor bunny has terrible allergies. Hoping she feels better soon!

Author: ladygray7

Part time student, full time mama! I'm studying ASL and when I'm not doing that I hang with my tiny human.

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