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6 months part 2


I should know never to try and write things at night. My brain is the worst about remembering things right now. I woke up this morning and remembered a few more things that I think are important!

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • Sitting up! She can now sit up. Like a pro. I can’t wait until she can push herself up to a seated position because right now she can only be seated if I plop her down.
  • Blowing bubbles! Blowing raspberries! She started with the raspberries and now she’s blowing bubbles constantly. Sometimes the noise of the bubble blowing gets on my nerves a bit because she likes to do it for a LONG time – but it’s still pretty cute!
  • Yesterday I mentioned that her newer hairs coming in are looking lighter. I still don’t love that. But, when you see her hair in the sun there are these gorgeous flecks of gold and red. I’m wondering if she’ll be a strawberry blonde, which I’ll admit, would be pretty cute.
  • I put her hair in a little pony tail on top of her head and died of cuteness. It’s not very full, but it’s so so so sweet!
  • I LOVE the look on her face when she is concentrating on something. It’s like I can see the wheels in her brain turning and moving as she’s trying to figure something out.

One of the coolest things about having a baby is that they change so quickly and so much. They can’t do something, and then all of a sudden they can! She couldn’t sit up for longer than 20 seconds or so, and then all of a sudden she could sit up for an extended period of time! She was so thrilled about being able to stay sitting up that she screamed with joy. The whole time! Shrieking! It was so cute to see her excitement about her new skill.

One of the things that is interesting about parenting is that everyone seems to have an opinion on how you should parent your child. Parenting isn’t a one size fit all deal. I think that it’s kind of uniquely tailored to your kid, even when you have multiple kids, what works for one might not work for another. One of the things that seems to distress people the most is that I’m not sleep training my child. When she cries in the night, I go to her. I give her the comfort that she wants and then we go back to sleep. People somehow think that if I don’t force her to figure it out herself that she will never figure out how to sleep through the night on her own. I think that’s kind of BS because eventually we all figure out that sleeping through the night is AWESOME. I wouldn’t say that I subscribe to any particular parenting approach. I agree with a lot of attachment parenting, but also the CTFD method. That stands for Calm the Fuck Down. It’s for me, not for my kid. Here’s a little info on it: CTFD. She didn’t used to take a nap unless it was on me. I would try so hard to get her to nap on her own and it never worked and she would end up skipping a nap and being a little shit. I decided that she’d figure it out eventually and just let her do it at her own pace. Lo and behold, she naps by herself now!

Anyways. She’s awesome!


Author: ladygray7

Part time student, full time mama! I'm studying ASL and when I'm not doing that I hang with my tiny human.

2 thoughts on “6 months part 2

  1. I love you and this kid so much. Y’all are just the best.

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