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7 Months

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To be honest…my baby is 1 week away from being 8 months old. This post is quite late!

Our trip to Hawaii was THE BEST. She was the best little traveler ever. She turned 7 months during our trip. Hawaii is probably the most magical place on Earth. None of my pictures could ever capture it’s beauty. None of my words will ever be able to fully represent some of the things we experienced. Just one word. MAGIC.


I’m really enjoying this age. Her personality is getting bigger and bigger, which I love. She’s quite literally the happiest baby I’ve ever met. Mischievous. Curious. Goofy. She loves anything that makes music, anything that lights up, anything with buttons. All 3 and it’s her sweet spot.

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • She can’t crawl, but she can low-crawl. She looks like something dragging themselves out of the lake. It’s so funny! She’s getting quite quick! If she sees a dog toy she will book it faster than you could imagine.
  • Her relationship with Archer is growing. He kisses her hands after she eats dinner and she giggles and waves it around some more so he’ll do it some more. When she wakes up, he’s ready and waiting to jump on the bed to greet her.
  • She loves music and dancing! Specifically, when I’m dancing around like a fool. We have fun together.
  • Things she can say: Dada,baba,yaya,nana. No mama, yet. I say it to her all the time now! Mamamamamama, come on baby, get it!
  • Becoming more ticklish! Mostly along her ribs/sternum. Her little giggles are like crack to me. More, more, more!!
  • She does this thing where she scrunches up her nose and breaths heavy in and out. It’s freaking hilarious!
  • She wakes up happy. It’s weird.

Things I’d like to forget:

  • She choked for the first time. On a piece of dried leaf she found in the carpet! Scariest moments of my life to date, but I sprung into action and got it out.
  • Her falling off of the bed for the first time. And the second time.
  • She still wakes up I’d say minimum 3 times a night. That’s not so wonderful.
  • Baby poo gets a lot grosser when they start eating real food. I’m glad she enjoys it on the way in, but I do NOT enjoy it on the way out!

Author: ladygray7

Part time student, full time mama! I'm studying ASL and when I'm not doing that I hang with my tiny human.

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