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8 Months

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Sorry I’ve been so absent lately!  Life’s been busy. The baby and I spent 2 weeks in North Carolina. We were down there for a sad reason – my childhood dog was dying and we went down to spend time with him and say goodbye. The trip ended up being a lot longer than I had originally anticipated, but I got the rare opportunity to spend time with both of my sisters! I usually see them for maybe 3 days at a time. We had a lot of fun!

8 months has been really eventful for us. At 8 months, 1 day, she crawled for the first time. Amazing!! She crawled right to my Mom, and I got to see it! I was so excited and in the moment that I forgot to get a video. She was slow at first, but now she’s a champ! She’ll get across the room in no time! The other day she crawled through the kitchen, down the hallway, and towards the front door so quickly! She was a little lady on a mission to explore. I think that it was only about 10 days after she started crawling that she pulled herself up for the first time. I missed it the first, second, and third time. But of course, now I see it all the time! I wasn’t prepared for how quickly she’d be on the move after she started crawling. Now that she’s pulling herself up, she’s edging around, falling down, etc. etc. etc. She keeps hurting herself when she falls and it is the most nerve wracking thing ever. I can’t bubble wrap her, but I don’t want her getting hurt! I know it’s normal, it’s just sad when she knocks herself.

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • Her goblin face. It’s my absolute favorite! Nose all scrunched up, mouth in a snarl! Adorable. She’s started doing it all the time!
  • She reaches for me now – if she’s on the floor, she’ll put her arms up for me, if she’s in someone else’s arms, she reaches out for me!
  • Food – she loves it! And if she sees me eating, she needs something too. I can no longer eat by myself.
  • Her hair is finally long enough on top to do a pony tail on top of her head. It’s the cutest thing in the world.
  • She plays and sings and babbles. She’s getting really good at independent play!
  • If she sees the cat, she’s instantly locked in. She calls out to the cat and cries to get closer. The cat is not so enthused about this development.
  • Her relationship with Archer is blossoming – she’s learning more about how to get him to lick her hands (if she has food on them, she’ll wave them around to get his attention) and she giggles when he runs around her.
  • She loves her Daddy. It’s so sweet.
  • The dancing! She bops up and down, especially when her toys play music! We chant “dance dance dance dance” and she grins at us.
  • Signing time. We watch Baby Signing Time and she LOVES it. It’s pretty much the only tv she watches. She hears the song and gets excited!

Things I’d like to forget:

  • I’m working on transitioning her to her crib. I don’t really like it. It’s 1000 times more work. I have to get up out of bed, nurse her (in the rocker, not in the bed) and then put her back in her crib. Ugh! But she won’t nurse down anymore during the daytime, so she needs to be in an enclosed space for her naps – she’s like a little ninja who is determined to crawl off the bed.
  • Baby proofing! Ugh. Such a pain in the butt.
  • With increased mobility comes increased risk of harm. We FINALLY got the gate installed at the top of the stairs, so I can stop worrying about her falling down them and cracking her head on the cold hard tile at the bottom.

All in all, 8 months has been pretty great. Not too many complaints!


Author: ladygray7

Part time student, full time mama! I'm studying ASL and when I'm not doing that I hang with my tiny human.

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