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New Job

In the middle of December I was interviewed twice for a position as the receptionist at a real estate company.  The interviews went so well, and I was fairly certain they were going to pick me.  Long story short, I lost out to a girl who had experience as a receptionist at a real estate company (and how am I supposed to beat that?)  I was crushed, mainly because before I had been so confident!  Fate must have wanted me to work in a real estate office, because I saw that a local realtor needed an assistant.  I sent her my resume and got an interview.  The interview went well, but I felt off my game and I didn’t feel like I gave my best first impression.  I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to get hired…and then I did!

I started my new job in January and I’ve been working there ever since.  I’m pleased to announce that I am heartily enjoying my job.  My boss is so busy that she actually wants me to get my real estate license so that I can work more and do more things to help her.  I’m signed up to start my classes in the next few weeks and I am so excited.  

At work I have my own desk, and I put some pictures on it to really make it feel like my space.




I feel pretty cool having my own desk!