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Cat Update

While husband was doing some training for 4 months last year, Archer and I stayed with my Mom in NC and our lovely kitties Twinkie and Lily went to stay with my FIL in IN.  Unfortunately, Lily passed away suddenly while she was staying there.  It was somewhat shocking, and very sad.  When Twinkie finally joined us at the end of last year, she had no idea who we were or where she was.  She hid a lot, she stayed upstairs, and she wasn’t very affectionate.  I was a little scared that our sweet little fluff of a ball wouldn’t ever get back to her old self. I am glad to say that not only is she back to her cheerful affectionate self, she is actually happier than I’ve ever seen her.  Twinkie and Lily never got along.  There was a lot of tension between them that never seemed to be resolved.  In Lily’s absence, Twinkie has blossomed.  Every time my lap is available, she wants to snuggle down and get some love.  She wants to be in the same space with us, all the time.  There’s so much purring, napping, and chatting coming from her.  I’ve never seen her so happy! For the first time, she and the dog are starting to get along.  They cuddled on our bed the other night and it was the most darling thing I’d ever seen!  Although I’m still sad that Lily is gone, I’m happy that Twinkie seems happier.  (My problem now is that I’m always covered in cat hair because she always wants to be on top of me!)

They are finally snuggling! It only took 2 years...

They are finally snuggling! It only took 2 years…

Lily in an afternoon nap

Lily in an afternoon nap