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The Influence of Hormones in my Life

I am a woman.  Every month I am subjected to biological torture.  A roller coaster of emotions, if you will.  Perhaps some women are better at coping with these hormonal swings that dictate how we behave…I’ve never found myself to be particularly good at “handling” it.  For instance, as a teenager, I would get incredibly emotional about food during my PMS time.  The week before seems to be the worst for me.  I have an incredibly vivid memory of having saved a turkey burger for lunch the next day, only to discover that my stepdad had eaten it.  I cried.  I actually cried.

Present day: I brought my 2 orchids inside because it’s starting to get really chilly out and I didn’t want them to freeze.  I placed them in my bay window to get some nice light.  Jake lets the puppy roam free after he gets home, but since he spends his time downstairs in the dreaded man cave, there is no supervision for the puppy.  He dragged one orchid out of it’s pot, and ripped it to shreds.  I bought this particular orchid at a farmers market while visiting a friend when Jake was in boot camp.  It’s been almost 4 years that I’ve had this cute little plant, and then boom – dead.

I disciplined the puppy, cleaned up the plants remains, and moved on.  Later I heard a weird rustling sound coming from the living room.  Once again, he’s in the bay window, DESTROYING another of my beautiful plants!  This particular orchid belonged to my grandmother.  I’ve had it for 5 years.  I finally, finally, finally made it happy here at our new house and it had 5 blooms…which, considering I’d never even gotten 1 bloom before, was pretty exciting.  Sven tore off all of the flowers and half of the little stalks.  At this point I basically lost my shit.  I know it’s crazy to get emotional over some plants, but I’ve had these guys for years. YEARS! And then here comes the puppy and they’re just ruined.

Then, when Jake came to comfort me, he did a really poor job of it and made some dumb cracks about me needing to train the puppy more.  Sometimes he uses bad humor to try and cheer me up…I’m not sure why because it really never works, it just ends up making me mad.  You can imagine I didn’t take it well, and I somehow managed to start a conflict.  It’s the hormones.  They’re out of control.  If this situation happened 2 weeks from now, I would not be feeling ashamed about getting upset with Jake, starting a fight, and feeling the loss of my plants so acutely.

You would think by now that I would have good control over these stupid cycle hormones.  Honestly I feel like I am getting better as I age, but sometimes it just explodes out of me when I’m at home.