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New Family Member!

Now that we’re in our new home, we decided to get Archer a full-time pal.  I did some investigation into local rescues, and I found a great one not too far away.  I picked out an ADORABLE puppy on their website and got the go ahead from J, and we picked him up June 9th!

We debated for DAYS over a name for our new little guy. We have extremely different taste in animal names, apparently! Eventually we came to a name that we both liked, courtesy of our new favorite Disney flick, Frozen!

Say hello to little Sven 🙂

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The first week was hard.  Sven wasn’t so sure about Archer. He spent a lot of time hiding under me away from the big scary German Shepherd.  I was concerned…I got the puppy to be a companion for Archer, not to be another animal that won’t play with him (like the cat!)  Luckily Sven started warming up to Archer, and now they are the BEST of friends.  The cat is so happy now because Archer no longer bugs her, and Archer and Sven play all day long.  Once we get this potty training thing down, things will be smooth sailing!

The rescue said that he was lab-spaniel, but I think he’s actually got some border collie in him, and the vet agrees with me.  His bark is VEEEERY high pitched, which is apparently a border collie thing.  Also, he tends to sit in front of me and look right at me in a way that says: lady boss, what do you want me to do now?  My friend’s border collies do that exact thing!

I love him.  He’s cute in the way that only puppies are cute, and he’s also annoying in a way that only puppies are annoying.  I think he’s going to grow into a great dog!